Sometimes a bit of rain must fall to cleanse away the debris of life. But, after the storm new growth with a focus on what God has in store for us can thrive from the nourishment.

Dora L. Raine, one of Atlanta’s most exciting motivational, Christian speakers has weathered the storm and knows what freedom truly feels like after the rain. As a minister and the author of Through the Wrath of the Storm Came the Abundance of Raine and The Art of Ignore, Dora is a recognized, anointed teacher. Teaching how to utilize biblical principles in every area of life, she is a highly sought-after motivational speaker.

With a heart for those overcoming some of life’s most harshest obstacles, Dora uses her southern charm, “tell it like it is” style and Christian principles to help others hear, see and feel how Christ is the answer to overcoming the storms of life.

Throwing Out The Umbrella

Sometimes rain can be cleansing. Washing away the debris of life. For individuals that have suffered sexual or physical abuse; overcoming bad habits, or homelessness, throwing out the umbrella can mean the first step to reaching spirituality and building a relationship with Christ. Dora L. Raine speaks on ways to throw out the umbrella and dance in the rain by understanding not your life as it was or is but how it can be. Giving practical steps to get out of the storm to find shelter and discern how the Lord is working in your life.


Even Superheroes Get Wet

We all love superheroes, but have you ever noticed almost every superhero has a dark backstory? They also seem to face constant conflict holding them back from their real lives of peace, family and friends. Much like these comic book heroes, we as human beings face conflict when we try to live the life a superhero. For those battling the superhero syndrome, kryptonite is often sin, selfishness and lack of vision of what God truly has in store for our walk. Dora speaks to those tendencies of reaching out of our “Clark Kent” lives and how to overcome the superhero syndrome to find peace, joy and fulfillment in the Life Christ has called us to.

A Business Underwater

As a former COO of Brandon Enterprises, one of the fastest growing corporate entities in the South, Dora has worked in the business world with small to large businesses, company leaders and individual entrepreneurs to achieve the balance of profitability while operating with honest practices.

Known for her practical street-savvy style, Dora harnesses her ability to show business leaders that managing their teams according to Christian values can reflect the Lord’s love without appearing to be weak. For businesses honoring God by operating to biblical principles can be fulfilling and without hurting profitability.

Let It Raine

Using her own real-life testimonial along with a conversational speaking style to connect with audiences Dora reaches her audience on an individual level; frequently praying individually with attendees after speaking. Her speaking topics communicate universally with both women and men across a broad range of Christian principles and needs.

Selected speaking topics.

  • We Only Live Once: 7 Methods To Make it Count; Taking the Risk to Be Your Best
  • The Superhero Syndrome
  • When you're feeling lost, and the answer is right before you... MINDSET –The Power of Though
  • How to keep moving when everything else around you says STOP

  • Testimonial

    “I am officially working full time in my very own Nail Spa in less than 6 months!! Offering various Spa Packages, Princess Spa Birthday Parties, Wax services, Nail Care, and retail items for at home maintenance. This month business was featured in a local magazine. Blessings to you Dora!!!! Blessings to you for all that you’ve downloaded into me those few weeks!! Will be flying to pamper you soon!!”

    Kenya Howard

  • Testimonial

    “I had some amazing achievements, and my personal experiences were: Transforming! That’s the first word that came to my mind when I think of the experience working with Dora at Raine Growth Partners. I’ve had quite a few OUCH moments. Ouch moments are those that are so convicting to your very core and all you can say is ouch! I’ve had a blast learning how to transition from my 9-5. The class is very detailed yet organized. Thanks a bunch Dora! I needed those OUCH convictions to move into my DESTINY”

    Monchel Hollins

  • Testimonial

    “Being in class with Dora, was one of the best business decision I have ever made. By the end of the first class I knew what direction I needed to take my business and most importantly I understood what my business was lacking and why I haven’t taken off all this while. Her class is worth every penny that you send. I highly recommend her class because you will not regret it because your business will never be the same.”

    Bariziga Babana

  • Testimonial

    “I have been in business for many years and I have read most of all the business and motivational books and programs out there and Dora’s program is clearly one of the best I’ve seen. The amount of information she gives is incredible and extremely useful. You definitely get what you pay for and more through the resources, information and support she provides. I would suggest her program to any one who is in business, thinking of going into business, or wanting to expand sales or client based. A truly top-notch program.”

    Robert Gunnison

Ready to Enjoy The Raine

As a speaker Dora L. Raine has the ability to educate, entertain and inspire her audience to enjoy the rain and feel the passion of Christ in everyday life. Whether it is overcoming a past life, seeking rejuvenation in your spiritual life or simply growing a business according to God’s principles, Dora can provide practical steps to deeper spiritual growth.

As an author, minister and mentor, Dora feels and shares the passion she has for Christ with her audience.

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