It takes courage to be a business professional in today's technology-driven, business world. But, to grow a career and stay sustainable takes passion.

Dora L. Raine, one of Atlanta’s most exciting corporate speakers, has the power to ignite passion and inspire companies, managers and individuals looking to succeed. As a former COO of Brandon Enterprises, one of the fastest growing corporate entities in the South, Dora ran twelve of the most innovative healthcare and franchise companies in the nation. Knowing intimately what it takes to strategically run a successful business and build a progressive career, Dora wants to help others become stars in the boardroom.

Motivator in Stealth Mode

Combining over 12 years in the healthcare industry, Dora L. Raine, is frequently called the Motivator in Stealth Mode for her intricate knowledge of the corporate road map. Armed with a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Georgia Tech and a master’s degree in public relations, she works with small to large businesses, company leaders and individual entrepreneurs to achieve more profitability but the dream that lies after.

Using her practical street-savvy style, Dora harnesses her ability to fuse real-life testimonials along with a conversational speaking style to connect with audiences on an individual level. Her speaking topics communicate universally across a broad range of industries and individually with those at every level of their career.

Selected Business Speaking Topics:

  • Operations Happen Whether I Like It or Not
  • Did You Start a Company or Just Buy a Job?
  • Business Operations: The 7 Differences Between Working ON Your Business and IN Your Business
  • 12 Ways to Increase Revenue without Losing Your Staff or Your Mind
  • We Only Live Once: 7 Methods To Make it Count; Taking the Risk to Be Your Best
  • Splitting Yourself Up: The 7 Necessary COO Personalities

Industries Dora Has Worked With:

  • Testimonial

    “I am officially working full time in my very own Nail Spa in less than 6 months!! Offering various Spa Packages, Princess Spa Birthday Parties, Wax services, Nail Care, and retail items for at home maintenance. This month business was featured in a local magazine. Blessings to you Dora!!!! Blessings to you for all that you’ve downloaded into me those few weeks!! Will be flying to pamper you soon!!”

    Kenya Howard

  • Testimonial

    “I had some amazing achievements, and my personal experiences were: Transforming! That’s the first word that came to my mind when I think of the experience working with Dora at Raine Growth Partners. I’ve had quite a few OUCH moments. Ouch moments are those that are so convicting to your very core and all you can say is ouch! I’ve had a blast learning how to transition from my 9-5. The class is very detailed yet organized. Thanks a bunch Dora! I needed those OUCH convictions to move into my DESTINY”

    Monchel Hollins

  • Testimonial

    “Being in class with Dora, was one of the best business decision I have ever made. By the end of the first class I knew what direction I needed to take my business and most importantly I understood what my business was lacking and why I haven’t taken off all this while. Her class is worth every penny that you send. I highly recommend her class because you will not regret it because your business will never be the same.”

    Bariziga Babana

  • Testimonial

    “I have been in business for many years and I have read most of all the business and motivational books and programs out there and Dora’s program is clearly one of the best I’ve seen. The amount of information she gives is incredible and extremely useful. You definitely get what you pay for and more through the resources, information and support she provides. I would suggest her program to any one who is in business, thinking of going into business, or wanting to expand sales or client based. A truly top-notch program.”

    Robert Gunnison

Would You Do Business With Yourself?

Drawing on her vast experience as a successful corporate executive, businesswoman and career coach, Dora candidly shares with her audience both the steps of success and devastating pitfalls that business leaders frequently can make when seeking profitability alone. Encouraging her audience to look deeper introspectively at their business presence, goals and strategies, Dora asks, would you do business with yourself?

If your answer is NO or I’m not sure, then it is time for the Motivator in Stealth Mode to speak with you and your team. Working with corporations, small businesses and entrepreneur organizations, Dora can help you to truly envision what success is for you individually and as a team and give you solid plan of action to make you say without a doubt, YES!

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